Gown Rental Guide:

  • Each gown has a flat fee of $20 for sanitary cleaning purposes.
  • If gown is ripped/snagged/broken zipper or loses buttons, renter is required to pay complete repair price which ranges anywhere from $20 to $200.
  • Gown must be returned by mail or delivered by hand to VN upon set date (scheduled at time of booking). If VN does not receive gown on discussed date there will be an additional $40 fee each day dress is past due.
  • If gown gets lost in mail when sent back, renter is responsible for full payment of gown.
  • VN is not responsible for any gown that does not fit. Exact measurements of each gown are given at time of booking and rental gown should be tried on before day of event. Therefore refunds are not given to any dress that does not fit.

Dress Instructions

  • These vintage gowns are delicate and are required to be handled gently. Please be very careful when stepping into/out of gown. Zippers/buttons may be fragile. Take precaution when fastening gown.
  • These gowns do not have a lot of give in the material, therefor forcing dress over hips/back side can cause tears.
  • Dress should be returned in bag which they were received in. When zipping bag please make sure dress(es) do not get snagged in the zipper of the protective bag given.
  • Hanger will be provided. Please make sure dress is hung up (off of floor) while not being worn. Return correct hanger with dress.
  • If your wedding destination/event takes place near dust, mud, gravel, concrete, grass, water or anything that could get the dress dirty/stain dress, please pick up the front and train of the gown. 
  • If dress is stained/dirty, avoid cleaning the dress on your own. Each gown is cleaned differently according to material. 
  • It is crucial you follow these steps to avoid any additional cleaning fees other than the $20 sanitary fee. Please contact a member of VN for additional questions or concerns.